Hi Folks,

The snow comes and goes and leaves everything rather gray looking.  We need some sunshine!!

The Movement in Motion bus trip to Washington DC takes place starting on the 21st.  It will be over by the time these notes are published in your church papers but there is still time to pray for our travelers to have a safe trip and an impact on our legislators.

When the Affordable Care Act was enacted we were told that each state would have at least one plan that did not cover abortion procedures.  The following website is a good one for determining which states have followed that rule.

Attached you will find a flyer about the Whaler’s hockey game.  It is an opportunity to raise a little money for LIFESPAN and enjoy a good hockey game too.  Please post wherever possible.

Don’t forget to order some candles to light on Jan 21 and 22.  They can burn both as a commemoration of the Roe v Wade decision and as a light of safety for our travelers.  We have them here in the office, ready for pick up.

If anyone has any Christmas card money or Christmas cards lurking in the corners of your car, please return them to our office so I can close the books on another Christmas card season.  Thanks to all who helped with this project.

Our director, Irene Tharp, is the proud grandma of beautiful twin granddaughters.   Blessings on the whole family!

The Baby Showers will be held on March 8th.  If your faith community would like to host a shower, the proceeds from which go to area pregnancy help centers, please call the office.  248-816-1546.

It is also time to start trying to get new ads for the Resource Book, given to our diners at the Celebrate Life dinner, held at the San Marino club on May 7th.  Attached you will find a contract form for ads.  We are encouraging everyone to redouble your efforts at getting an ad this year.  If each of you could get just one ad, we could double our income.  If you need any help or samples of the book or whatever to accomplish this, just give us a call.  I can also tell you if your faith community has taken an ad and if not, maybe they would do it this year.  Everybody knows somebody who has or works at a pro-life business—please help us.

Looking ahead, this summer we will be hosting a pro-life Jeopardy game for young people from middle school through high school.  It will be held at Madonna University on August 8th.  You will get lots more details on this as plans are finalized, but please alert your youth ministers now so they can put it on their calendars.

A special thank you to Lynn Gura for all the fantastic work she has done for the bus trip.  Getting 450 people onto 9 buses, to Washington, fed, housed, cared for, and getting them all home safely is an unbelievably difficult task.  She does it every year with dedication, good humor and grace.  The rest of us are in awe of her.

Love Life! Diane and Lynn

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